This was my first time abroad by myself, since I was a little baby, and I’ve got to say it has been one of the most eye-opening experiences of my life. Although I’m only 21 and I’ve got plenty more experiences ahead of me, this as my first, has created the platform for me wanting go out and explore that big blue and green thing we call earth.

Never venturing over 23 degrees, my summer in Malta showed me what a real summer was like, as temperature reached highs of 37 degrees, and yes I covered myself in sun cream, factor 20 to be exact. Literally every day, without fail I sweated. Even as the water perspired from my pours, I still thought I’d rather be here than back home.

I was mesmerised by everything Malta had to offer, the people, the history, and most of all the views. The walls were white, so white, I remember the Juliet balconies were a true favourite of mine. However I did gather that this was a country that was still quiet in its old ways, but it was catching up to the present.

I lived in the city of Birkikara during my two months, it wasn’t as busy as some cities such as Selima and Valletta, but it had its own charm to it, that I had never experienced anywhere else since when I moved to Liverpool.

Malta had so many different cities and towns to offer, whether they be bright, bold and full of tourist, trying to capture that perfect holiday moment to traditional, homely values. I was able to experience both as I wasn’t just all about the beach life, but I wanted to see the real Malta. I had a day off work once and one of my housemates asked me to go with him to visit Coral Lagoon, a place where not many had visited, so I thought why not. Even though it was over an hour walk in 33 degree heat, it was all worth it, as the lagoon was so beautiful, something I had never seen in my entire life. It truly was a picturesque moment.

My favourite places in Malta were Golden bay and Selima, the contrast was real, one was a peaceful bay accompanied with golden, orange sand that was like walking on hot coal. Whereas the other was a vibrant, busily city full of tourist, locals and so, so much alcohol. Selima was also full of restaurants, and hotels as far as the eye could see, but it adjacent to a long and charming promenaded. The Selima Arts Festival was opportunity I could not pass up, two things that I loved Art and Selima flowed together seamlessly.

Golden Bay

My motive for going over to Malta was for an internship and honestly can say I was lucky in been given an amazing internship, I worked with a freelance casting, who worked in film, television and commercials. I learnt so much from my employer, she taught me how a freelancer works and what to do when you are not busy, not only did I learn about ways that would help me in my career but also things that would help me become a better person. I was able to work with actors and actresses, which was a real experience. I never met a real actor or actress before, I saw that they are really in touch with their emotions, something that not a lot of people in this world are. They are so open as well, wanting to experience so many new and different things, not afraid of much as they bare all in performances. I can’t fault my internship at all it truly was one of the best experiences of my life.

Malta is honestly a sight to see and a country to visit, even if it’s for a short time, do it! I ventured out and didn’t just stay in the touristy parts, but went to see the real Malta, and that can never be taken away from me. If you have to travel an hour or two, to reach a sight like Coral Lagoon, Mellieha, do it! The remote places Malta has to offer are a once in a life time thing, unless you live in Malta permanently. A cliché thing to say when you visit a new place is that it has changed you as a person, but I can’t agree with it more. I want to see more of the world, I want experience more, new and different opportunities all over the continents.