This is my review of Spider-Man: Homecoming and if you’ve not seen the film be warned there are spoilers….*Spoiler Alert*

If you know me, then you know I love my comic books and superheros. I’m just going to say straight off the bat, I’m not in favour of Marvel or DC, I love both. So whatever I review is not a bias of one or the other but my true opinion.

My favourite characters are Spider-Man and Batman, as kid I used to watch the John Semper’s Spider-Man animated series and the Batman animated series. Spider-Man for me was relatable, a teenager who gains superpowers, as a result of a radioactive spider bite. Peter Parker is a awkward teenager who is balancing stopping crime in his hometown of New York and trying to survive trials of high school.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is the first incarnation of the character in the now MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). A universe that is booming and throwing out much more hits than misses. The first time we saw the new Spider-Man played by actor Tom Holland was in Captain America: Civil War. Swinging into the airport scene and stealing Captain America’s shield off, to finish it off with a “Hi everyone”, I mean how you could you be more Spider-Man than that one scene. I did not see one person complain about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appearance in Civil War, but instead it received raving reviews and then Marvel and Kevin Feige surprised us with the announcement that this version of Spider-Man will be getting his own film.

Anticipating the film for a good year, and following Tom Holland and others on social media to get any information on the film. I have been silently buzzing for this film. I’ve got to say I loved this film from start to end. For me this is the first Spider-Man film that captures the fact that Peter Parker is 15/16 year old kid. A kid who is trying to make it into the big leagues, and hang out with the big kids such as Iron-Man and the rest of the Avengers. Tom Holland’s take on Peter Parker/Spider-Man is near enough perfect, he brings the humour and the energy, that sees Peter trying to prove himself to Tony Stark/Iron-Man. There are various moments in the film where Tom Holland’s delivery hits the nail on the head, when he’s acting awkward as Peter or those comedic lines that Spidey delivers before he takes down a bad guy.


This film is not about Peter getting over the death of his Uncle Ben but about proving not only to Tony Stark but himself that he is ready to be Spider-Man. At the start Spider-Man does things like stopping a bike from being stolen, helping an old lady cross the street and is constantly leaving Happy Hogan who has been assigned to look after Peter by Tony, voicemail after voicemail about all he’s done. We’ve all been there trying to prove to someone you’re worth taking a risk on, many young people will be going through this feeling now, I know I am leaving university and trying to show my to be employed in the big leagues, just as Peter is trying to prove himself to Tony that he is ready to be in the Avengers. That is what is great about this film too, that is one example but there are many others in the film that you can relate too, even though you may not have superpowers, at the end of the day these are real problems, real people face. Towards the end of the film Peter realises that maybe being a friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man isn’t a bad idea for the moment. This comes from him missing out on spending the homecoming dance with his crush, missing the tournament in Washington, and the house party, because he had to go and stop the Vultures plan.

No Uncle Ben death, OMG! Yes! I’m sorry but we’ve seen him die twice, I can’t think of a character I’ve seen die twice in a reboot and first attempt of a film. I can’t discredit this thought as it is major factor in the characters development and has been part of the Spider-Man story since the character was created. However the MCU have been smart about this aspect as the death of Uncle Ben has already happened and Peter Parker has been through and gotten past this troubling time, and it is best reflected in Aunt May, she is not seen grieving over Uncle Ben’s death but getting on with life and looking after Peter.

The cast is one of the most diverse cast going, and they all serve a purpose and are not just there to make up the numbers. Zendaya’s characters was interesting as she was a recluse who slowly came out and wanted to become friends with Peter and Ned, she also had some great moments in the film especially when she gave Peter the finger at the homecoming ball. Ned was brilliant too, I would probably reacted in the same way as he did if I found my friend was Spider-Man bugging him with questions and asking if I could wear the suit.

One quick point on Marisa Tomei as hot Aunt May, she did a brilliant job with the character, and to be honest it doesn’t matter if shes younger, Aunts come in all ages, shapes and sizes, so it doesn’t matter. She was still the loving and caring Aunt to Peter that we all know. *Spoiler Alert* Her reaction to finding out Peter is Spider-Man was a awesome way to end the film and a great way to set up the sequel.

The Vulture aka Adrian Toomes aka Michael Keaton, wow just wow. There is a notion out there that Marvel has a problem with its villains. But boy does Michael Keaton make a great Vulture. The film does something clever with the character, although he is someone who is out on his luck with his business been taken away from him, he never comes across as a broken and weak individual. The line of ‘the world’s changing boys, time we changed too” has never best reflected a character before. He doesn’t give up but gets smart or smarter. He very menacing and opportunistic like a real Vulture. I can’t fault the suit, the incorporation of chitauri technology makes him a real threat and test for Spider-Man.

I don’t want to reveal too much of the film, so much more goes on in the film and I can’t praise the film highly enough, this is my favourite version and deception of Spider-Man on the big screen by far. I love everything about this version of Spider-Man it feels to me as the real Spider-Man. But go see the film and make your own mind up of it. I going to repeat my love for Marvel and DC films and I want to keep doing reviews of them so my next review will be Thor: Ragnarock in October, then Justice League in November.